Order and payment
You will receive a automated order confirmation by email when you have placed an order. Please note that the displayed amount will not be the the final one in some cases, depending on if shipping charges will be added or not and if you are entitled to buy without VAT.

All orders must be prepaid to our bank account in Sweden before delivery or paid by credit or debit card or to our Paypal account (3,5% of the order amount will be added to cover our cost, Paypal payments must be made in Swedish kronor).

For prepayment to our bank account, the pro forma issued to customers outside of Sweden can be invoiced in Swedish kronor, Euro, or US dollar.

We will email you a pro forma invoice when we have recevied your order (unless you made a card payment). The base currency in our webshop is Swedish kronor so we will recalculate to other currencies (unless you are a Swedish resident) using the official mid exchange rate at the time of issuing the pro forma invoice.

The pro forma invoice is valid for 10 days, it can be cancelled if your payment hasn´t arrived within this period unless otherwise agreed. You will receive an invoice by email when we have received your payment.

The minimum order value is 800 SEK including VAT. We reserve ourselves the right to refuse an order in special cases, you will then always receive an explanation from us.

You are very welcome to place smaller orders, then please use the Contact function and write down what you want to order.

Shipping method
We use UPS or Fedex for shipments outside of Sweden.

Shipping cost
We offer free shipping with these exceptions:
- when you purchase a discounted product
- when the order amount is below 2 000 SEK (incl VAT)
- for deliveries outside of Sweden but within Europe when the order value is below 5000 SEK (incl VAT)
- deliveries outside of Europe

We reserve ourselves the right to refuse an order paid by card in any of these cases, we will then contact you and suggest a solution. If you are paying against a pro forma invoice, it will have the shipping cost will be added.

We will usually deliver your order within 2 working days after having received your prepayment or after your card payment have been processed and approved.

If any product is out of stock, the order will be shipped as soon as we receive it. You must pay the extra shipping cost if you want a part delivery.

Please note that we cannot guarantee that the expected delivery time mentioned for products that are usually not kept in stock will hold, since delayed deliveries from our suppliers are not uncommon.

Products that are market with an expected delivery time is not usually kept in stock but ordered on request. Please note that we do not order these products until we have received your payment. As an alternative, we can agree on a part payment when you place the order and end payment before delivery. You can express a wish to to do it this way in Comment field on the order form.

Please note that the number of units in stock that is displayed on some products can be incorrect. One reason can be that new orders hasn´t updated the stock numbers yet.

Please inspect the package and each product in a shipment as soon as you receive it. If there are any damages, you must immediately make a claim to the forwarder.

No VAT for some customers
Customers outside of Sweden but within the EU with a valid VAT number and customers from outside the EU will be invoiced without VAT.

We will remove the VAT from your order before we send you the pro forma invoice.

We will refund the VAT amount to your card if you are allowed to buy without VAT and pay by a card,

The warranty only covers defects that was inherent in the product at the time of delivery. Misuse or improper handling is not covered.

The warranty time is 1 year from the invoice date on new products and 3 months on demo units and electronic tubes.

We also follow applicable rules according to Swedish law.

The following conditions must be fulfilled in order for us to accept a return:
- Returns can be made for sales to private individuals. It must be made within 14 days counted from the day the shipment was received
- The right to return a product is valid only for products that are normal stock items (with the exception of ribbon microphones since they are easily damaged by improper handling), we do not accept returns on products that was ordered specially for the customer. Normal stock items are all products that are displayed with a positive stock level number in the webshop.
- The product(s) and the original box(es) must be received in a 100% new condition.
- We will repay your money within 14 days after we received the return and your account number.
- We will not repay our actual shipping cost and the customer must pay the return shipping cost.
- The return shipment should be made to our door and the customer is responsible for the returned product(s) until it is delivered to us. We will charge you a fee of 300 SEK + VAT if we have to collect it somewhere else in Alingsås.
- You must ALWAYS contact us first and receive a return number before returning anything to us. The shipment should be clearly marked with this number.
- Warranty and repair returns should in some cases be made directly to the manufacturer.

Although we do our best to keep the information and the prices in our web shop up to date, we must reserve us for the fact that it may contain errors. The pro forma invoice that you will receive is the proof that you order is accepted. With card payments, you will receive a confirmation on your order by email.

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