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Wunder Audio PAFOUR Plus

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PAFOURplus New Features: 1) NEW Beefy Output Stage added just before Output Transformer. 2) Discrete Active HP Filter. 3) Output fader. 4) Improved Gain switches, over 3 x the gold contact area per switch position. 5) Light Pipe Pushbuttons replaces small C&K toggle switches. 6) LED metering with Green signal indicator and Red clip light. 7) Gain knob has one extra position to achieve -6db less gain (-24dB). 8) Redesigned Enclosure with thicker gauge metal and tack welded with better RF protection. 9) Thicker faceplate. 10) 1% Metal Film resistors for lower noise floor and better matching from channel to channel. 11) Sturdier amp compensation or RF rejection capacitors 12) New PCB with revised and optimized component layout with beefier traces. 13) RF filtering The PAFOURplus is a fully Class-A discrete 1970’s-style mic-pre utilizing the exact mic-pre circuit as the PEQ2. The design employs proprietary, custom-designed mic, and output transformers. It is no secret that the huge sound is due to the make-up of the Mu-Metal transformers. In the PAFOURplus, you get four channels of the Wunder Audio sound in one unit! The PAFOURplus cuts no corners. We have included the same exact transformers from the PEQ2. The mere size of these transformers is unprecedented in a 4-channel mic pre unit. The Core material was made in 1970 and yields a fat vintage sound with virtually no phase shift. The low turn ratio of the windings (1:1.4) yields a mic pre that can handle very high level with no need for a pad. The Instrument Input circuit includes the complete Line Input stage of the PEQ2R so you can utilize the now famous way of recording, for example DI Bass Guitar, directly into the Line Input of the Wunder, instead of using a direct box approach into the mic pre. This line Input stage has a huge 60 dB of input gain! No other multi-channel mic pre incorporates this Line Input approach with this much gain. New Added output stage. The mic pre is identical to what we use in the PEQ2 series but we added an additional amplifier stage at the tail end of the existing output amp for even more headroom . Peak LEDs for each channel. Custom designed knob sets are milled from aluminum and anodized red. Knob markers are embedded with white plastic dowels so the white mark will never wear off. The Wunder Audio PAFOURplus is the 19″ rack mount, four-channel microphone preamplifier version of the PEQ2. We’ve added new features to every channel of the original PAFOUR to make this new version a definite plus. PEQ2R and PAFOUR Plus require a PSU and5′ DC main cable. Additional PEQ2R and PAFOUR Plus units only require a 1′ DC daisy chain cable

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