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Tree Audio The Stem

69369 kr incl VAT

The Stem is an 8 x 2 stand alone sub-mixer that can be used with our Roots console as well as our new Roots Jr. sidecar and standalone applications.The Stem uses SP690 all discrete class A op amps for increased headroom. Each channel has a level control, pan pot, as well as mute / on / solo switch.The master section has a big knob level control as well as an insert switch that can be bypassed. The sonic signature of the Stem is derived from the Inward Connections SPA690 all discrete block utilizing class A amplifier technology. The amp was originally designed by audio pioneer, John Hall. Over the years, John and Steve Firlotte of Inward Connections (co-founder of Tree Audio) tweaked and improved this amp to perfection. With a +/-24 Vdc power supply rails, the SPA690 provides a wide dynamic range with substantial headroom and a transparent but musical tone. Featuring 8 inputs and 2 outputs, the Stem was designed for use as a monitor and summing mixer/tape return for the Roots consoles. With its own power supply, The Stem can be used wherever high quality world class audio is needed. The Stem has a rotary level and pan control plus a 3-way vertical lever switch on each channel that matches our Roots console. The lever switch has 3 positions: MUTE, ON, SOLO. The stereo buss master level control uses a 2″ large knob and a horizontal lever switch that controls the stereo buss inserts send/return jacks for inserting external devices. The rear panel has 8 female XLR connectors for the inputs of the channels, 2 male XLR connectors for the outputs of the stereo buss, and TRS jacks for stereo buss insert send and return, which are normalled. Use The Stem with our Roots console or any other way you can imagine.

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