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Tree Audio The Roots Jr

231723 kr incl VAT

The Roots Jr. is a non bussing version of our flagship console: The Roots. It has 8 full-featured channel strips. Excluding the stereo buss and aux sends, the channels are exactly the same as the Roots console. The Roots Jr. replaces our very successful 820 brown sidecar, but with more features on each channel. The external power supply is the same as the Roots console. It is a true high voltage regulated tube power supply for the tube section of the channel strips. Tube complements are (4) 6L6 tubes and (1) 12AX7 control tube. * Additional frequencies and more level control to the EQ section. * A limiter is built into every channel with a 250Hz @ 6dB per octave hi-pass filter. * Features include: balanced mic/line inputs / hi-Z input / line output on each channel. * Meter switchable line in / gain reduction / line output.

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