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Mesanovic Microphones

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Mesanovic Microphones are a manufacturer of hand built ribbon microphones. Their company is located just outside of Detroit, MI and was founded by Deni Mesanovic in 2013. They pride themselves in building ribbon microphones of the highest quality, using the best materials available, and hand crafting every component in their facility. Their love for music, production, engineering, and professional audio equipment can be seen in the beautiful hand built ribbon microphones they create. Each one of their microphones receives incredible care during manufacturing and is tested thoroughly to comply with industry leading tolerances. Deni listens to every single microphone to ensure a flawless sound before they are packaged and shipped. All aspects of their microphones are designed by Deni himself. They use the highest quality metals, magnets, pure aluminum ribbon, and high quality U.S.A. made transformers. Their microphones are built using the highest quality tools available and made to withstand the test of time.

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