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    CLIO Pocket is a powerful but lightweight portable measurement system.

    CLIO 12 vs CLIO Pocket comparison

    The system is composed of multi-platform CLIO Pocket software, CLIO CP-01 Audio Interface hardware plus accessories.

    The CLIO CP-01 Audio Interface uses an USB 2.0 connection for maximum portability and compatibility with current and future computer hardware architectures.



    24 Bit sigma-delta D/A Converter
    Frequency range: 1Hz-45kHz
    Frequency accuracy: better than 0.01%
    Frequency resolution: 0.01Hz
    Output impedance: 150Ohm
    Max output level (Sine): 13dBu (3.46Vrms)
    Attenuation: 0.1 dB steps to full mute
    THD+Noise(Sine): 0,008%
    24 bit sigma-delta A/D Converter
    Input range: +40 ÷ -40dBV
    Max input acceptance: +40dBV (283Vpp)
    Input impedance: 64kOhm (5.6kOhm mic)
    Phantom power supply: 8.2V
    12 bit A/D Converter
    Input range: ± 6.5V
    Sampling frequencies: 96kHz and 48kHz
    Connections: analog RCA in and out
    Digital connection: USB 2.0 port
    Power supply: USB powered (480 mA)
    Dimensions (cm): 9(w)x12(d)x2.5(h)
    Weight: 0.3 kg


    TYPE Condenser Electret
    Accuracy (direct field) ±1 dB 20Hz÷10KHz, ±2 dB 10÷20KHz
    Maximum level 130 dB SPL
    Sensitivity (average) 13mV/Pa
    Dimensions 8mm diameter, 12 cm long

    The CLIO Pocket software has been designed with a multi-platform engine which allows the software to run under Windows and OSX.


    CLIO Pocket software sports a new redesigned interface with modern and easy to use feel.

    CLIO Pocket has a powerful set of features:

    – Self calibration of CLIO CP-01 hardware

    – Impulse Response analysis using LogChirp stimulus: possible application are anechoic frequency response measurement of transducers, impedance measurements, distortion measurements

    FFT analysis with powerful trigger functions

    RLC meter with component selection functions

    Thiele and Small parameters calculation with Rdc reading

    Waterfall CSD and Cycle Wavelet analysis

    CLIO Pocket 1.0 CLIO Pocket 2.2
    macOS Catalina and upward compatibility ×
    Log Chirp Analysis
    Amplitude, frequency and time calibrated IR × ×
    2nd, 3rd and THD harmonic response ×
    Phase and group delay response × ×
    Time Impulse, step, Schroeder decay, ETC response × ×
    Math processing: Merge, dB Shift, MIB × ×
    Math processing: Add, Subtract, Divide by file × ×
    Math processing: Add, Multiply by value ×
    Math processing: LP, HP, BP filters ×
    Save Impulse time data to .wav file ×
    AutoStore to Overlay function (10 curves on screen) × ×
    Export ASCII or Excel data to file or clipboard ×
    Dedicated Hot Keys to facilitate measurement inspection ×
    AutoSave function with automatic file name generation ×
    Dedicated procedure and controls for executing polar measurements sets ×
    FFT and RTA Analysis
    Narrow-band FFT analyzer × ×
    Real-Time fraction-of-octave analyzer (RTA) × ×
    Programmable event and OneShot trigger × ×
    Save acquired time data to .wav file × ×
    Export ASCII or Excel data to file or clipboard ×
    AutoStore to Overlay function (10 curves on screen) ×
    AutoSave function with automatic file name generation ×
    Signal generator and output controls
    Dedicated panel with on-the-fly controls × ×
    Plays standard .wav files × ×
    Highly Optimized waveform calculator × ×
    Direct 3-digit input of output level × ×
    Button control for 1dB and 0.1dB steps × ×
    Input meter and controls
    Free running Voltmeter and Sound Level Meter × ×
    Integration time: Slow, Fast, Impulse × ×
    A-Weighting filter × ×
    C-Weighting filter ×
    THD reading: % and dB ×
    Frequency reading with 0.1 Hz resolution ×
    Interactive LCR meter × ×
    L,C,R % readings for easy components selection ×
    Decay analysis with 3-D gesture-controlled graph × ×
    Color map 3D and 2D display ×
    Selectable color map shading ×
    Powerful 3D marker inspection ×
    Classical Cumulative Spectral Decay × ×
    Wavelet Cycle Decat for detailed decay analysis ×
    Polar plots
    Circular Polar Plots ×
    Half Polar Display ×
    Thiele and Small parameters
    Free Air Parameters × ×
    Added Mass or Known Volume methods for full parameters × ×
    Direct measurement of ReDC × ×
    External Hardware Control
    Support for Open Source Audiomatica Turntable ×

    CLIO Pocket system is supplied complete with accessories to start to get electro-acustics measurements on the go or in the laboratory, inside the box you find:

    – The CP-01 audio interface
    – The CLIO Pocket SD card with software and drivers
    – The microphone MIC-02
    – One USB 2.0 cable
    – One RCA to RCA 2.7m long microphone cable
    – One RCA to alligators impedance cable